To promote girls lacrosse in the Avon Grove community, to teach girls the value of a team sport, learn and respect the game of girls lacrosse, play a significant number of games against other girls teams in the area, and develop in them the fundamental sk

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Important Notes Regarding Lacrosse Sticks:

  • Your daughter must have a girls lacrosse stick (not a boys stick).
  • If at all possible, please provide her with a stick with at least some leather stringing.  The all nylon strung sticks that are often marketed toward beginners and can be very frustrating for players at any level to catch and throw with.  The nylon strings do not break in easily and do not have the same give nor grip as those with some leather stringing.
  • Most stores will accept returned sticks in an unused condition.
  • Stick length is longer, however not too long, especially for the smaller players.  Have your daughter place her hand on the stick or shaft touching the plastic head of the stick.  Run the stick down her arm so that the bottom of the stick protrudes past her armpit.  There should be about 4-6 inches sticking out beyond her armpit.  Please cut off anything longer than that with a hack saw, lightly sand it, and then cap it with the rubber or plastic butt the stick came with.  If you want to verify length before cutting it, we can mark the shaft with permanent marker where the cut should be made during the first practice.
  • If you know an older girl lacrosse player, she may be able to provide your daughter with her well-used beginners lacrosse stick.
  • For photograph examples and explanations of the differences in sticks, please see below:




We recommend a stick with at least some leather stringing vs. a stick with all nylon or synthetic stringing.  Although the all nylon strung sticks are often marketed toward beginners and are slightly less expensive, they are very difficult to catch and throw with even for the more experienced player.  Therefore, this can be more frustrating and less fun for the beginner lacrosse player.  Nylon stringing is more stiff and less forgiving so that often times the ball bounces out of the stick even when proper catching technique is attempted.  Likewise, the ball is thrown upward into the air instead of more directly at the target even when proper throwing technique is attempted.  Sticks or heads with at least 2 vertical leather strings and a gripper pocket or shooting strings down the middle will form a pocket in the stick which substantially improves throwing and catching.  Players should attempt to catch the ball and thus form a pocket in center of the widest part of the stick head.  Manually placing a ball in the area where the pocket should be and applying pressure will also help to form the pocket as well as loosening the strings very slightly at the base of the stick head.  The US Lacrosse rule regarding the depth of the pocket in a girls lacrosse stick is that at minimum, the slightest bit of the top of a lacrosse ball must be visible over the side wall of the stick “after pressure has been applied to it and released from a ball dropped into the pocket of a horizontally held crosse.”  It is also recommended for beginner and beginner/intermediate players to play with a stick head that is slightly wider and flatter at the top of the head of the stick.  This allows for more success in scooping ground balls.